who we are

Aggressively creative. Results-driven. Brainstorm addicts.

We’re 3 Colorado natives who are passionate about lifting up the state we come from and amplifying the businesses that make it hum. Apres ski meetings and post-work bike rides are always on the table.


Post Meridiem: adj ; afternoon or after midday 

We Believe in the Power of the PM:

...where creatives get our second wind and art comes to life

...where brilliant ideas spur out of happy hours, bike rides and fresh powder 

...where dreams are born and side hustles become a reality 

our story

Some people may say a pandemic is not a great time to start a business... we aren’t those people.

What started as 2 separate entities quickly transformed into one branding studio that has us doing what we love and loving who we do it with. The result is a team that oozes energy and ideas that could never come from punching the clock and cubicles.

Does it get any better than this? Not a chance.

our clients

We work alongside clients with great missions, fanatical followings and a hunger to flip the ordinary on its head.

Whether you’re a new business, struggling to do marketing on your own, or just aren’t getting the results you want, we’re here to deliver a strategy-backed brand transformation on a silver platter.
Post Meridiem Office in Denver

our leadership team


Nichole Sellden

Strategy gal. Spotify addict. Collector of outdoor hobbies. With extensive experience in branding, marketing strategy and digital campaigns, Nichole helps clients stand out in the market and create strategic roadmaps to hit their launch and growth goals.


Waverly McDaniel

Happy hour enthusiast. CU Buffs fanatic. Lover of all things pretty. With experience in branding and graphic design, Waverly transforms our client's ideas into strong brands and designs that are worth their weight in gold.

We partner with you to breathe new life into your brand and maintain your marketing presence in ways that directly impact your bottom line.

Post Meridiem Branding Denver Colorado

creative process



First, we learn. We dive deep, researching and asking questions about your experiences to identify the untapped potential of your market and customers.


We facilitate idea generation through collaborative, hands-on brainstorming

Google: “Burstiness

We look at facts and ideas from different angles to see how they fit together. We bounce ideas off one another to get an outcome that doesn’t have one sole owner.


The classic “walk away from your work before you edit” trick rings true in our process. We set our great ideas aside and do something else that excites and energizes us before moving forward. (take a hike, literally.)

Bring It Back

Sometimes the best ideas come unsolicited - we give space for that. Once the original idea has had some room to breath and other elements come into play, we are free to bring the idea to life and prepare to let it loose.

Send It

For any idea to be successful, you need to release it into the wild and make tweaks based on feedback and data. Once the message is perfected, we’ll turn up the volume and hit the gas.

The baby bird has left the nest.  Fly, baby, fly. 
post meridiem

Let's get this party started.

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